Pharmaceutical industry and the VUCA challenges

PHARMA Management Radar survey to investigate important business climate indicators

14.02.2014 -

Increasing price pressures on established pharmaceutical markets are requiring extensive adjustments to pharmaceutical business models and the growth rates of most emerging market economies are declining - with unpredictable consequences for the national healthcare systems. Therefore, Camelot Management Consultants continues conducting its PHARMA Management Radar survey to investigate the most important business climate indicators on the one hand and delve into another current management trend in the global pharmaceutical industry on the other hand. In times of rising volatility Camelot has chosen "Supply Chain planning in a VUCA world" - as focus topic for its next PHARMA Management Radar survey - featuring one of the buzzwords of the hour.

Today, many global supply chains in the pharmaceutical industry are neither equipped nor orchestrated to cope effectively with the new VUCA challenges the pharmaceutical industry is facing. VUCA - volatility, uncertainty complexity and ambiguity - is an acronym that originated in the military back in the late 1990s and was quickly adapted to the business environment. It describes precisely the conditions of increasing variability and uncertainty of demand, and the complexity and ambiguity of product portfolios and supply chain networks in which global pharmaceutical companies are forced to operate today.

What are the biggest threats to pharmaceutical supply chains caused by today's VUCA world and what countermeasures are available to prepare them for their challenges? The current issue of Camelot's PHARMA Management Radar survey is meant to give answers to these questions.

All supply chain executives from global pharmaceutical companies are welcome to participate in the survey in order to gain significant insights. New members can register here to participate in the PHARMA Management Radar:

The survey period will end on Friday, March 14th, 2014.

The delivered information will be treated strictly confidential and will not be passed on. All panel members will receive an exclusive documentation of the results on the publication date of the PHARMA Management Radar, either as a PDF by e-mail or as a hard copy by mail.

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