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Roquette Acquires Indian Excipient Manufacturer

21.09.2022 -

Roquette, a French-based provider of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical excipients, has acquired Crest Cellulose, an Indian excipient manufacturer, reinforcing its presence...


Roquette Plans €25 Million Polyols Project

28.03.2022 -

French firm Roquette has announced plans to spend €25 million to upgrade its liquid and powder polyols plant in Lestrem between 2022 and 2024. Roquette said the...


Roquette Plans Innovation Center in US

08.12.2021 -

Plant ingredients supplier Roquette, which is also is a leading player in naturally-derived pharmaceutical excipients, has announced plans for a new innovation center at...


DSM and Roquette Dissolve Reverdia JV

28.02.2019 - DSM and partner Roquette will dissolve their biosuccinic acid joint venture Reverdia with effect from Apr.1, 2019. All rights and obligations related to Reverdia’s Biosuccinium...


Roquette Closes Crest Cellulose Deal

19.12.2018 - Plant-based raw materials suppler Roquette has completed the acquisition of an unquantified majority stake in Indian pharmaceutical excipients and food ingredients producer Crest...


Roquette to Launch New Biopharmaceutical Brands

15.03.2017 - French family-owned group Roquette plans to introduce three new brands to address the growing demand for excipients and raw materials for the biopharmaceutical market. The new...


Roquette Receives EXCiPACT Certification

11.04.2016 - Roquette has recently obtained EXCiPACT certification from SGS France, one of the international auditors authorized to grant approval under this standard. The certificate...


Ad Smolders Joins Reverdia As Operations Director

14.03.2016 - Reverdia has announced that Ad Smolders has joined the company as Operations Director. Reverdia is a joint venture between DSM and Roquette and produces, markets and licenses bio...