Roquette Opens US Pharma Innovation Center

25.04.2023 - Roquette, a French-based multinational provider of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical excipients, has opened a new Pharmaceutical Innovation Center near Philadelphia in Pennsylvania, USA, complementing its other centers in France and Singapore.

“With its strategic location in one of the world’s top pharma-producing regions, the new site will unlock even greater opportunities for closer collaboration with our customers in the US and provide a beacon of best practice training and advice to our teams across the globe,” said Paul Smaltz, vice president of pharmaceutical solutions.

The $25 million facility, situated in the heart of the US Northeastern pharmaceutical corridor, will be an advanced training and collaboration hub for pharma and nutraceutical manufacturers worldwide, focusing on next-generation oral dosage forms and prioritizing expert training, troubleshooting and scale-up advice.

Technologies offered at the center include R&D continuous manufacturing and compaction simulators, a hot-melt extruder, advanced dissolution and particle size testing, thermal gravimetric analysis and modulated differential scanning calorimetry to refine and improve formulations. The site also has granulation, blending and coating equipment, alongside high-performance liquid chromatography analysis capabilities.

Vinod Tuliani, newly appointed head of global pharmaceutical sciences, said his team have one overarching mission, namely “to foster a seamless connection between cutting-edge science and the practicalities of drug development.” He added: “We will push the boundaries of pharmaceutical science through close collaborations with leading universities and research institutes, and bring blue sky concepts back to earth for our customers by harnessing decades of prototyping, testing, sales and marketing experience.”

Author: Elaine Burridge, Freelance Journalist