Energy Management and Efficiency for the Process Industries

28.07.2015 -

This book gives a unique overview of energy management for the process industries. It provides an overall approach to energy management and places the technical issues that drive energy efficiency in context. It combines the perspectives of freewheeling consultants and corporate insiders.
In two sections, the book provides the organizational framework (Section 1) within which the technical aspects of energy management, described in section 2, can be most effectively executed. It includes success stories from three very different companies that have achieved excellence in their energy management efforts. Main topics are energy management, including the role of the energy manager, designing and implementing energy management programs, energy benchmarking, reporting, and energy management systems. Technical topics cover efficiency improvement opportunities in a wide range of utility systems and process equipment types, as well as techniques to improve process design and operation

Energy Management and Efficiency for the Process Industries
Alan P. Rossiter, Beth P. Jones
John Wiley & Sons
Price: € 89.90
ISBN: 978-1-118-83825-9