Photochemistry and Photophysics:

Concepts, Research, Applications

30.07.2014 -

This textbook covers the spectrum from basic concepts of photochemistry and photophysics to selected examples of current applications and research.
Clearly structured, the first part of the text discusses the formation, properties and reactivity of excited states of inorganic and organic molecules and supramolecular species, as well as experimental techniques. The second part focuses on the photochemical and photophysical processes in nature and artificial systems, using a wealth of examples taken from applications in nature, industry and current research fields, ranging from natural photosynthesis, to photomedicine, polymerizations, photoprotection of materials, holography, luminescence sensors, energy conversion, and storage and sustainability issues.


Photochemistry and Photophysics
Vincenzo Balzani, Paola Ceroni, Alberto Juris
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ISBN: 978-3-527-33479-7