Modern day solutions for high speed and environmentally friendly disinfection of food and beverage packaging materials

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To ensure that food products remain fresh and edible for as long as possible, strict hygienic conditions must be met, not only in terms of product quality but also during the filling and packaging process.

Low-germ packaging materials are essential, especially for microbiologically demanding products within the viscous food & beverage and dairy industry. A wide range of methods can be used to treat their surfaces. 

Learn from UV experts how the latest light generation technology can kill germs on surfaces in just a fraction of a second, environmentally friendly and reliably. Real examples will explain  how you can increase production speeds up to 90,000bph and still rely on >log 4 reduction.

Your key learnings

  • Global trends driving the need for greater disinfection requirements
  • How we are going to meet the demand of hygienic conditions and high level of quality food & beverage
  • Learn about the challenges of different disinfection processes
  • Gain understanding how UV light based solutions work and how they can positively impact your production processes and process speed

Who should attend?

  • CEOs, Manufacturing and production management, operations, R&D, QM, process, design and chemical engineers, regulatory authorities related to the food & beverage industry, laboratory staff of bottling
  • Employees from filling companies and OEMs within the food & beverage packaging industry
  • People who have hygienic requirements in their packaging processes within the pharmaceutical industry
  • Those who are familiar with filling and packaging processes, ultra-clean and aseptic food packaging, hygienic conditions, product quality, EHS managers


Julian Priddle, Technical Sales Expert and Product Manager has been working in the field of UV technology applications at Heraeus Noblelight for many years. He manages customer projects from consulting to design, is experienced in working with various UV disinfection applications and understands the challenges that these bring. Julian also worked for a long time within UV curing and water treatment environment and is therefore familiar with the special requirements for high speed processes.

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