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And the Winners Are: Cyclize, Oxyle, Traceless

05.02.2024 -

A jury of experts has selected the three start-ups Cyclize, Oxyle and Traceless as winners of the CHEManager Innovation Pitch 2023.


Wiley Supports Research on Novel Coronavirus with Free-to-Access Content

24.03.2020 - Scientific publisher Wiley is making a collection of journal articles and our book chapters on coronavirus research freely available to the global scientific community. In response...

Logistics & Supply Chain

Achema Visitors Guide Logistics

24.04.2018 - Logistics has become a significant factor in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry in the last couple of years. This is one of the reasons Achema 2018 concentrates logistics in...

Logistics & Supply Chain

It All Starts with Chemistry

03.04.2017 - Reviewing the list of the world’s top chemical companies will confirm “the chemical industry touches all other industries.” You will see the inventors of Aspirin, Teflon, Saran...

Logistics & Supply Chain

Logistics Outsourcing has become Common

12.05.2016 -

About 10 years ago, CHEManager decided to present discussions about logistics as a separate theme. Since then, the terms “chemical logistics” and “pharmaceutical...

Chemistry & Life Sciences

Chemistry is ... In the Name of Sustainability

06.06.2014 - Controversy And Competition - The Soccer World Cup from June 12 to July 13 in Brazil will captivate millions of people. However, such a big event is not without controversy...


Distribution & Logistics for the Chemical and Life Science Industries

14.03.2013 - Chemical distributors and logistics companies play a crucial role in the supply chain of chemical and pharmaceutical products. Formulating, distributing and delivering chemical...


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