And the Winners Are: Cyclize, Oxyle, Traceless

05.02.2024 - A jury of experts has selected the three start-ups Cyclize, Oxyle and Traceless as winners of the CHEManager Innovation Pitch 2023.

CHEManager Innovation Pitch, the start-up initiative of CHEManager and CHEManager International, entered its sixth year in January. Last year, supported by our sponsors Biocampus Straubing, Ruhr-IP Patentanwälte and Global Entrepreneurship Centre, we presented a total of 22 start-up companies with their ideas – 12 in the German-language CHEManager edition and zehn in CHEManager International. But that was not the end of the 2023 road, as the CHEManager Innovation Pitches of the Year still had to be selected.

In a virtual jury session, a panel of experts selected at the end of January three winners among the 22 start-ups from five countries. One winner each was determined in the categories "Value to Industry," "Value to Society", and "Value to Sustainability."

In the "Value to Sustainability" category, Cyclize from Stuttgart clearly won ahead of Eeden from Münster and New Dawn Silicones from Berlin.

The winner in the "Value to Society" category was Oxyle from Schlieren in Switzerland, with a narrow lead over Germany-based start-ups Traceless from Hamburg and NGP Polymers from Jena.

In the "Value to Industry" category, Cyclize and Traceless fought a neck-and-neck race ahead of third-placed Innolith from Bruchsal, Germany. In the final discussion, the jury chose Traceless as the winner.

The two category winners Cyclize and Traceless as well as Reverion, Eeden, Excellence Coatings, Reach Industries and Green Elephant Biotech scored highly in all categories. Cyclize received the most votes across all categories, followed by Traceless and Oxyle, meaning that the three winners in the categories also took the top three places in the overall ranking.

This time, start-ups from Germany, Great Britain, Spain, France and Switzerland were represented. Overall, the German start-ups performed exceptionally well in the 2023 competition. The variety of topics ranged from bio-based materials, circular and recycling solutions, catalysis and process technologies and additives for the formulation of active pharmaceutical ingredients to digital solutions for research.

The expert jury consisted of:

  •     Sophia Friedel, Biocampus Straubing
  •     Tanja Bendele, Ruhr-IP Patent Attorneys
  •     Sven Kempf, Siemens
  •     Holger Bengs, BCNP Consultants
  •     Jörg Wetterau, Laboratory for Communication
  •     Volker Oestreich, Dr. Oestreich Consulting

The jury session was moderated by Ralf Kempf and Michael Reubold (CHEManager).


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