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21.01.2011 -

CHEManager Europe Online is proud to share some of the interesting stories our colleagues at ChemistryViews have been working on for you. ChemistryViews is a platform that presents top-quality information from ChemPubSoc Europe, an organization of 16 chemical societies in continental Europe, publishing world-leading journals such as "Chemistry - A European Journal." Click and enjoy!

ChemistryViews Video Contest
Submit a 3 min video on Chemistry in Everyday Life

Focus: Sparkling Wine, Champagne & Co - Part 3
The scientific basis for the fascinating bubble dance and how to ensure it lasts as long as possible

News: Making Fuel Cells Durable with Pt Nanostars
Starlike, platinum-based nanowire crystals could provide more stable cathodes for fuel cell applications

Call for TUM DeSal Challenge
Providing water for the world: Competition to supply drinking water by desalination without using fossil energy, at low cost, with minimum effort

Clever Picture: Angewandte's Top Authors
Authors who published 20 or more articles in Angewandte Chemie between 2000 and 2010, and the countries they come from

Research Highlight: Crystallographic Confusion
Two bond or not two bond? That is a question of X-ray crystal structure interpretation, especially for cyclobutadiene

Blog: Post-doc in Paris 5
What is a Post-Doc in Paris like? Tibiriçá Gonçalves Vasconcelos talks about new experiences in his Blog. Part 5