Medicine For The Pharmceutical Industry

Cutting Costs In Infrastructure Processes

11.11.2013 -

To stay competitive, pharmaceutical companies have to explore every cost-cutting opportunity. They have already made some progress by outsourcing research, development, contract manufacturing and administrative non-core business processes to established partners.

Infrastructure processes offer additional opportunities for optimization, but they rarely receive the attention they deserve. This will have to change soon. Several pharmaceutical companies have already begun to follow in the footsteps of the chemical and manufacturing sectors and are steering their corporate ships into more cost-efficient waters. As they embark on this new venture, pharmaceutical companies should minimize their interfaces with service providers. After all, the potential for cost-cutting correlates closely with the extent of transferred responsibility.

This whitepaper describes the partnership with an infrastructure specialist such as Infraserv Höchst, who can cover a wide range of services - as it has been doing for Sanofi, Sandoz and other partners for a long time.



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