Trends in Chemical & Pharmaceutical Research

The Future of Pharma Innovation Demands a Holistic Approach

26.09.2016 -

Despite tremendous challenges facing the pharmaceutical industry, it continues with its commitment to innovation and the discovery of novel drugs to address unmet medical needs. Indeed, medicinal chemists face a challenge of their own. Trying to survive in a changing environment where pharma is focusing on biologics drug candidates will require chemists to adapt. CHEManager International asked R&D experts of chemical and pharmaceutical companies to elaborate on their research strategy and share their opinion with our readers.

Our feature is introduced with an article by Magid Abou-Gharbia, Ph.D., Director of the Moulder Center for Drug Discovery, Temple University School of Pharmacy, Philadelphia. He discusses recent trends in Pharma Research and the role of CROs/CMOs as well as academic research institutes. He also describes the success factors for chemistry research in an increasingly challenging environment of cost and time pressure.