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Markets & Companies

Preparing for Sustainability-Driven Growth

13.12.2023 -

Rising demand for sustainability-related products will create a huge growth opportunity for chemical companies.

Markets & Companies

The Materials Revolution

17.03.2023 -

Companies in the materials industry – including chemical companies – are seeing a revolution that is likely to drive a new wave of growth. To succeed, however, they will...

Markets & Companies

The Evolution of Chemical Industry M&A

19.10.2022 -

Every year, the chemical industry sees hundreds of mergers and acquisitions (M&A). Traditional M&A drivers, such as consolidation and portfolio extension, are still...

Markets & Companies

The EU Goes Green

19.04.2022 -

The EU Green Deal sets a high bar for reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and its impact will be felt across industries. But the chemical sector’s unique nature...

Strategy & Management

Renewable Hydrogen

13.03.2021 -

To take advantage of the opportunity hydrogen presents, the European chemical industry must engage in the emerging hydrogen market now, setting up specific pilots...

Strategy & Management

Specialty Chemicals – Ideas for Growth

30.03.2018 - In both the specialty and chemicals segments, companies can spur growth by yield optimization, capacity expansions with longer-term focus and new business models along the entire...