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Markets & Companies

Positioned for Growth: The New Age of Winning for Chemical Distributors

13.12.2023 -

By enhancing offerings, ensuring performance, managing costs, and embracing sustainability, distributors prove as essential partners for long-term success amidst evolving...

Chemistry & Life Sciences

The Success Story of Biosimilars

13.09.2023 -

With their triumphant advance, biosimilars are also setting in motion the usual market mechanisms. Biopharma interest groups warn against the automatic substitution of...

Markets & Companies

Resilience Is the Strategy for Success in Volatile Markets

22.03.2023 -

For its annual report "Value Creation in Chemicals 2022 – Building Resilience as the Crisis Unfolds," the strategy consultancy Boston Consulting Group examined the...

Chemistry & Life Sciences

Rewriting the Rules for Chemical Distribution

24.10.2022 -

Having survived the pandemic so far in good condition, chemical distributors are well positioned to grow, provided they understand how the rules for winning have changed...

Markets & Companies

The Upswing of the Superstars

19.04.2022 -

For its annual report "Value Creation in Chemicals 2021 – Ten Years of Steady Growth – and a Few Superstars," the strategy consultancy Boston Consulting Group examined...


How Chemical Companies Can Achieve a New Level of Enterprise Performance

04.01.2022 -

Mastering the challenges of an ever-evolving enterprise has always been a fundamental part of the day-to-day life of any chemical business leader. However, today – in the...

Markets & Companies

Steady in the Long Term Despite the Crisis

22.02.2021 -

For the report "Value Creation in Chemicals 2020: Bouncing Back from a Year of Adversity", Boston Consulting Group (BCG) analyzed the development of the global chemicals...

Strategy & Management

Disintermediation 2.0?

03.09.2015 - In mid-2015, BASF opened its first e-commerce store in China, using the Alibaba B2B marketplace platform. According to the company press release, with this step, “BASF is making...