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Chemical Distribution in China

05.05.2023 -

The Chinese chemical distribution market is very likely the largest in the world. To be successful in this competitive market, foreign distributors in particular need to...

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Going Inland

17.03.2023 -

Historically, China’s chemical industry has mainly been located in coastal provinces, with Shandong as the biggest and Jiangsu as the second biggest province by chemical...

Sites & Services

Chemical Parks in China

09.12.2019 - At the end of the year 2018, China had a total of 676 chemical parks. Of these, 57 are classified as national-level parks, 351 as provincial-level parks and 268 as municipal-level...

Chemistry & Life Sciences

Stricter Environmental Regulation in China

03.04.2018 - Since late 2016, the Chinese government has conducted a series of environmental inspections of production companies. Compared to previous actions, these inspections are much...


Nuon Will Supply Flexible Energy to Production Sites of AkzoNobel

18.12.2017 - Nuon and AkzoNobel agreed on the supply of flexible energy to three chemical production sites in the Netherlands as part of an agreement to purchase a total net volume of 1.5 TWh...

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Trade and Industry Investment of the US Chemical Sector

25.11.2017 - The American chemical industry is a dynamic, forward-looking industry and a keystone of the domestic economy. One of the oldest industries in the United States, the US chemical...

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The Middle East – More Opportunities than Risks

25.11.2017 - The Middle East chemical industry makes good money selling basic chemicals and uses local oil and gas in manufacturing. Hopes are high that the many major investments made by the...


The Spanish Chemical Industry: a Strategic Sector on the Brink?

13.10.2017 - The Spanish economy has, since 2014, experienced the highest rate of growth among the main EU countries, thus presenting the best growth projections in terms of GDP, consumption...