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Logistics & Supply Chain

Successful Large-Scale SCE Projects

18.05.2022 -

Large-scale projects in pharmaceutical logistics are complex, long-term and investment-intensive projects that can only be successfully implemented with an assertive and...

Logistics & Supply Chain

Pharma Logistics: A Global Perspective

18.03.2021 -

Over the past few years, Camelot has been monitoring pharma distribution in different regions of the world.

Logistics & Supply Chain

Tune Your Warehouse

17.03.2021 -

The changes in customer needs and market requirements have not only been changing because of the pandemic influences within the last year, but traditional business models...


Turkish Cargo: Additional Cargo Flights with Turkish Airlines’ Passenger Aircrafts

25.03.2020 - As the global repercussions of the unprecedented situation caused by Covid-19 outbreak continues, Turkish Cargo has started to operate cargo flights with Turkish Airlines’...


Emirates Skycargo: Strengthening of pharma corridors initiative

12.11.2019 - With over 75,000 t of pharmaceuticals flown across the world during the Financial Year 2018/19, Emirates Skycargo is one of the leading international players in the air...


Swiss World Cargo: Approval of CSafe RAP for Wide-Bodied Aircraft

03.07.2019 - Swiss WorldCargo, the airfreight division of Swiss International Air Lines, has approved the CSafe RAP for its fleet of wide-bodied aircraft. This container is CSafe’s latest...


Dachser India receives IATA CEIV Pharma certification

03.07.2019 -

The International Airport Transport Association (IATA) recently awarded the Mumbai and Hyderabad branches of Dachser India with the prestigious CEIV Pharma certification...


Emirates Skycargo: Strengthening of pharma capabilities

11.06.2019 - Reinforcing its position as a global market leader for the air transport of temperature sensitive pharmaceuticals, Emirates Skycargo has significantly boosted its worldwide pharma...