Emirates Skycargo: Strengthening of pharma capabilities

11.06.2019 -

Reinforcing its position as a global market leader for the air transport of temperature sensitive pharmaceuticals, Emirates Skycargo has significantly boosted its worldwide pharma handling capabilities and infrastructure.

New dedicated pharma facility at Chicago
The air cargo carrier has commenced handling pharmaceutical cargo at a new purpose-built facility in Chicago. The facility, dedicated solely for pharmaceutical shipments, is spread over 1,000 sq. meters, with scope for additional expansion and provides comprehensive protection for pharma cargo through temperature controlled zones for acceptance and delivery, pharma cargo build up and break down, storage and direct ramp access. Developed in partnership with ground handling company Maestro, the facility has a capacity of 15,000 tons of pharma shipments per annum.
The facility offers temperature controlled zones (2-8 degree Celsius and 15-25 degree Celsius) for acceptance and delivery, pharma cargo build up, breakdown and storage. The proximity of the facility to the ramp also means that cargo has to spend lesser time in transit to and from the terminal to the aircraft.

Global pharma corridor network expanded
The dedicated pharma facility in Chicago is part of Emirates Skycargo’s broader strategy to enhance protection for temperature sensitive pharma shipments not just at its hub in Dubai but from origin to destination. Following up on the success of the pharma corridors initiative which was announced in Jan 2018, the carrier has expanded its initial network of twelve pharma stations to 20.
As part of pharma corridors, Emirates Skycargo works with ground handling partners and other local stakeholders at the stations that are important origin or destination points for pharma, in order to ensure a high standard of handling operations for pharmaceuticals in line with the cargo airline’s stringent norms.

GDP Recertification for hub operations in Dubai
Emirates Skycargo’s pharma operations in Dubai including the 24*7 trucking operations between its terminals at Dubai International Airport and Dubai World Central have been certified as compliant to EU GDP (Good Distribution Practices) guidelines this year.
The air cargo carrier first received GDP certification in 2016 which was then revalidated in 2017 and 2018. In 2019, it went through a rigorous audit by Bureau Veritas where its pharma handling facilities and processes were evaluated completely from the ground up.
With over 8,000 square meters of dedicated pharma storage and handling space, Emirates SkyCargo operates one of the world’s largest multi-airport GDP certified hubs in Dubai. During the financial year 2018/19, the carrier transported more than 75,000 tons of pharmaceuticals through its network.