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Chemistry is ... Chocolate

28.06.2019 -

It isn´t only in the Advent season that you find noble chocolates in supermarkets, e.g. as filled chocolates. But in the pre-Christmas season, chocolate Santas are the bestsellers. Infrared heat helps in their production - more precisely, when forming and filling the chocolate Santa Clauses - at several points in the production process.

Chocolate is poured into preheated moulds, chocolate halves are heated before they are filled if necessary - and then again to seal them. The quality of the chocolate products depends on the correct temperature, which, depending on the type of chocolate, is approx. 30°C and may vary only 1°C upwards or downwards, so that the chocolate retains its consistency and shine. With many chocolate manufacturers carbon infrared emitters of Heraeus Noblelight ensure that the optimal temperature is exactly kept. At the push of a button, they heat quickly and precisely to the right temperature, react within seconds and can therefore be controlled and monitored very well.