Chinese, Global Chemicals Industries Join Forces to Advance Sustainable Development in China

28.03.2014 -

Co-sponsored by the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation (CPCIF) and the International Council of Chemical Associations (ICCA), the forum aimed to build cooperation among leading players in the global chemical sector. Company leaders discussed the value of the industry-led Responsible Care environmental, health and safety initiative as a pillar for sustainable development. Forum participants also discussed ways to boost energy efficiency and lower greenhouse gas emission intensity within the sector and along the value chain.

The meeting is timely as China continues to dominate world chemicals output, accounting for a third of global output. It is the second largest consumer of chemicals after the United States. Given this context, CPCIF will play a central role in global efforts to manage chemicals safety and promote efforts to expand global sustainable development work.

"The forum provided a great opportunity for CPCIF members to deepen our understanding about the ICCA initiative and priorities, opening up a new era for more robust cooperation between CPCIF and ICCA with the support of the top management of key member companies of both associations," said Li Yongwu, Chairman of CPCIF.

"The forum marks a new milestone in the journey ICCA and CPCIF are taking and helped to set priorities for future cooperation," said ICCA President and Chairman of BASF's Board of Executive Directors Kurt Bock. "Defining and implementing the highest standards for the safe management of chemicals is crucial to creating the trust and acceptance that we need to operate in all countries worldwide."