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Tank Containers for Specific Customer Demands

30.04.2015 -

Tank container use is common for transport or storage of liquid chemicals. A wide range of different tank containers is available for nearly every purpose. Very often, chemical companies rent tank containers only to be sure that the equipment is in top shape or because they have a very special demand.

Tank containers with special insulation and heating are used, for example, to transport glue. Producers rent these containers to transport products that are required for manufacturing the end product. The medium needs to be transported and processed within a certain temperature range. The site where the medium is manufactured and the one where it is to be processed are in different countries, and considerable distances need to be covered, mostly by rail. The temperature needs to be kept relatively constant over a certain period of time to avoid unnecessary and costly reheating of the container. A positioning system that tracks its location and temperature makes it possible to rectify potential delays swiftly.

The rental of tank containers for liquid products used in the chemical industry such as the one described above has been the core business of TWS for more than 25 years. It also offers containers for liquid foodstuffs. All tank containers are standardly equipped with steam heaters, walkways and ladders, collapsible handrails, man lids, and spout cabinets. If required, electric heating can be retrofitted. Different units are available with superior linings, such as Saekaphen or Chemline, as well as rubber linings, specifically for corrosive or ultrapure products.

Custom-made Solutions

Besides offering standard equipment, TWS has always had a special interest in providing custom-made solutions to meet specific customer demands, such as reefer tank containers. The special reefer tank containers for the chemical or foodstuff industries allow the liquid products in tank containers to be cooled to -20 °C and heated up to 50 to 80 °C, depending on the type (electrical or diesel). Some tank containers are equipped with an agitator or cleaning-in-place (CIP) units.

The capability of the cooling/heating device is 7,000 W. There are stream channels, and vacuum rings are all around the container, including front bottom and rear bottom as well as insulated tubes for the cooling liquid and complete foam insulation for the least possible temperature loss. Maintaining an almost-constant temperature also reduces energy costs.

The tank containers are equipped with certain specialties, such as a complete discharge compartment with cover and bottom for perfect cleanness of the valve, completely to close box for product samples, adapter pieces or similar, insulated man lid with 500-mm manhole, box to close for nitrogen line, surge tank for the cooling liquid glycol, and a digital thermometer.

The cooling device can be handled simply because it is installed at the rear bottom for setting the desired product temperature as well as for error readouts (display flashes). Lead-sealing is certainly possible.

Worldwide Tank Container Rental

When TWS began, its main business field was within Europe, but the company expanded quite well and operates worldwide today. In January, TWS established an office in China.

The company will once again present its range of services as an expert on tank container technology at booth B4 225/322 in Hall B4 in the ITCO Village at the Munich trade fair Transport Logistic.