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‘Transform Individual Value-Creation Chains into One Value-Creation Network’

07.05.2014 -

Complexity management

M. Kriegel: Reducing complexity is one of the essential tasks that logistics service providers can do for their customers. Based on time-tested, highly standardized processes in the European network, Dachser can offer logistics products that have clearly defined shipping times along with uniform quality and safety standards.

Furthermore, with the entirely integrated transportation and warehousing IT systems we have developed ourselves, we can offer transparent goods tracking and tracing. The potential for synergies and cost-cutting rises as the logistics service provider becomes part of the producer's value-creation chain, with integrated data interfaces and coordinated processes making the greatest difference. Ideally, the logistics provider can connect the three management levels of fulfillment, planning and design and thereby transform individual value-creation chains into one value-creation network.


Cooperation with logistics service providers

M. Kriegel: As a system logistics provider for groupage, we face one overarching question: How should the complete supply chain be designed so that the end customers get their goods exactly when and how they need them? To do that, we go over the processes very intensively with our customers, especially when we are setting up a contract logistics project. But what we think is really vital is that we are able to control the supply chain everywhere. That's why we think we can best fulfill the requirements of our customers in the chemicals industry with single-source service by the Dachser groupage network

Standardization of logistics processes

M. Kriegel: To remain competitive, the major logistics service providers have invested a great deal in international networks with highly efficient, standardized logistics processes. Companies in the chemical industry are likewise harmonizing their logistics processes. One important step on this path is to standardize processes: It's the only way to get significant cost benefits in logistics. 



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