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Chemists Who Can Collaborate Will Thrive in Pharmaceutical Research, Experts Predict

06.12.2016 -

Despite tremendous challenges facing the pharmaceutical industry, it continues with its commitment to innovation and the discovery of novel drugs to address unmet medical needs. Indeed, medicinal chemists face a challenge of their own. Trying to survive in a changing environment where pharma is focusing on biologics drug candidates will require chemists to adapt.

CHEManager International asked R&D experts of chemical and pharmaceutical companies to elaborate on their research strategy and share their opinion with our readers. In detail, we interviewed professionals ranging from CEOs to heads of R&D and process development about:


  • The crucial success factors in chemical and pharmaceutical research,
  • The role of information technology tools in developing reaction routes and processes, and
  • Challenges and changes affecting the work of R&D chemists in the future.


Read their insightful answers here.


Dr. Alexander Biedermann
Vice President Medical, AstraZeneca Germany


Dr. Timo Flessner
Head of Chemical Development, Pharmaceutical Division, Bayer


Klaus Urbahns
Head of Global Discovery Technologies, Pharmaceutical R&D, Merck


Prof. Jochen Maas
Head R&D FF, Sanofi-Aventis Deutschland


Stef L.E. Heylen
COO, Janssen R&D


Dr. Michael Quirmbach
Vice President, Global Sales & Marketing, Corden-Pharma International


Lukas von Hippel
CEO, Pharma Waldhof


Dr. Jürgen Sans
Head of Innovation Management, Alzchem


Dr. Ralph O. Schoenleber
VP Research and Development, Bachem


Dr. Karl Kolter
Vice President Global Research & Formulation Nutrition & Health, BASF


K.J. Kiewel
Director R&D, Cambrex


Ingrid Hegbom Ekman
Director R&D, Cambrex


Claudio Pozzoli
R&D Director Chemical Division, Cerbios


Dr. Bernhard J. Paul
General Manager, European Pharma Solutions, Johnson Matthey


Jason Apter
Head of Research Solutions, Life Science Business Sector, Merck


Andreas Stolle
Vice President, API Process Development Services, Patheon


Dr. Jörg Mohr
Head of Process Development & Analytics, Saltigo


Dr. René Imwinkelried
Executive Vice President, Head of Global R&D, Siegfried


Dr. Ralf Karch
Head of Research & Development Precious Metals Chemistry, Umicore


Linda Hicks
Vice President Global Technology, Vertellus


Olivier Simon
Head of Technology R&D and Process Development, Weyl-Chem Lamotte