Strategy & Management

Transforming Research and Development with Design of Experiments

10.09.2020 -

Gaining and maintaining competitive advantage requires today’s organizations to innovate at increasing speed.

Strategy & Management

Randomized Clinical Trials

10.09.2020 - The development and production of new vaccines and medicines is a time-consuming process. In the face of the Covid-19 pandemic, how can we utilize modern digital technologies to...

Strategy & Management

Will BASF Turn to Pig Farming? Not quite, but …

11.08.2020 -

Why BASF Venture Capital is investing in SmartAHC, a supplier of digitalization solutions for pig farming on the Chinese market.

Strategy & Management

Line Products as a Growth Market

07.07.2020 -

The WeylChem Group of companies consists of seven operating and two R&D sites in Europe and the USA as well as the global sales and marketing platform, WeylChem...

Strategy & Management

Predictive Fluid Modelling

15.06.2020 -

Virtual Prototyping of Complex Fluids and Flowing Materials

Strategy & Management

Transition to Circular Economy: No Time to Stand Still

10.06.2020 -

The shift to a circular economy requires intensive cooperation along the chemical value chain and across industries.

Strategy & Management

Consolidation, Risk Reduction and Demand Shift

21.04.2020 -

Like most industries, the global chemical industry is currently strongly affected by the outbreak of Covid-19.

Strategy & Management

Building a Culture of Analytic Excellence

20.04.2020 - Researchers, developers and engineers may question whether they have the capacity to adopt data analytics into their busy working lives. When there is always more to achieve than...