Strategy & Management

Is the Chemical Industry Ready for the Future?

19.10.2022 -

Many chemical executives say their companies have made significant progress in their digitalization efforts in the last two years – and they are even more excited about...

Strategy & Management

Sustainability and the Chemicals Industry

17.10.2022 -

The chemicals industry is one of the world’s largest industrial sectors, worth €3,471 billion in 2020. It includes producers of industrial chemicals, polymers, pesticides...

Strategy & Management

Transition Pathways toward CO2 Neutrality

29.09.2022 -

Chemical parks are locations of intensive value creation. They are a driver for sustainable development with a high economic, ecological and social impact.

Strategy & Management

Patent Protection on Artificial Intelligence?

30.08.2022 -

Artificial intelligence is not an inventor, the European Patent Office ruled - but AI-generated inventions are patentable.

Strategy & Management

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

11.07.2022 -

The primary goal for any manufacturing or process organization is to produce a profit and return on net asset (RONA) to shareholders and other stakeholders. Safety and...

Strategy & Management

How China’s Supply Chain Issues Affect the Global Chemical Industry

02.06.2022 -

Currently, China’s chemical production and export is affected by unprecedented restrictions, mainly but not exclusively as a consequence of strict anti-Covid policies...

Strategy & Management

Operational Excellence in Custom Manufacturing

18.05.2022 -

ESIM Chemicals provides customers with sophisticated and flexible specialty chemical synthesis outside their own facilities and continuous improvement from the initial...

Strategy & Management

Challenging the Status Quo

12.05.2022 -

Management pays a lot of attention to new ideas and cutting-edge technologies, but most of their resources are consumed by mature legacy technologies that are often not...