Strategy & Management

How China’s Supply Chain Issues Affect the Global Chemical Industry

02.06.2022 -

Currently, China’s chemical production and export is affected by unprecedented restrictions, mainly but not exclusively as a consequence of strict anti-Covid policies...

Strategy & Management

Operational Excellence in Custom Manufacturing

18.05.2022 -

ESIM Chemicals provides customers with sophisticated and flexible specialty chemical synthesis outside their own facilities and continuous improvement from the initial...

Strategy & Management

Challenging the Status Quo

12.05.2022 -

Management pays a lot of attention to new ideas and cutting-edge technologies, but most of their resources are consumed by mature legacy technologies that are often not...

Strategy & Management

China’s Quest for Self-sufficiency in Chemicals

02.05.2022 -

One of China’s key objectives of the current 14th Five-Year Plan is to reduce the dependency on imports. At least partly, this is a reaction to rising political tensions...

Strategy & Management

Coping with Transformational Times

14.04.2022 -

There can be no doubt that we are living through transformational times, driven by unprecedented disruptive events and the overall trends in society and markets.

Strategy & Management

Pharmaceutical Global Entity Portfolio Management

06.04.2022 -

In March 2022, Mercator by Citco published a report that provides direct insights into the practice and dynamics of Global Entity Portfolio Management (GEPM) within the...

Strategy & Management

Unified Patent System for Europe

27.01.2022 -

Innovation protection with the EU Unitary Patent will be more uniform and less costly, but it also carries risks.

Strategy & Management

Digital Molecular Design

07.12.2021 -

Computer-driven molecular design, with its ability to generate massive quantities of simulated data, facilitates entry into new frontiers of chemical discovery for...