Chemistry & Life Sciences

Following Digital Developments

Dr. Gerd Bergmann, managing director, Nordmann, Rassmann (NRC)

04.04.2017 -

“Digital transformation is currently a widely used term that in many cases is not well understood or is simply applied as a vehicle for attention. It is clear to us that disruptive processes such as post-2007 digital communication and photography or future digital cars have changed or may change the industries involved tremendously.

Keeping a linear business model for too long could leave those who aren’t ready for change behind. We at the NRC Group have already implemented multiple digital measures such as electronic data exchange with warehouses and customers, and for a long time now we have been running well-established accounting systems in our subsidiaries that ensure much better controlling. We follow digital developments closely, and further measures are underway. Digital product platforms in the chemical industry have so far seen some success, but we also strongly believe in a digital future for personal contacts, especially for those involving complex specialty chemicals.”