Managing Our Work Will Require New Skills

Robert Späth, managing director, CSC Jäklechemie

  • Robert Späth, managing director, CSC JäklechemieRobert Späth, managing director, CSC Jäklechemie

“Digital transformation has been an ongoing process for years now. Companies faced with it have to cultivate their jungle of historically grown master data. In the next step, they probably will find a lack of standardization in plenty of their processes. Nobody takes care of a digital-friendly legislation, for example. European and national legal obligations are continuously rising and contribute to complexity.

The extended safety data sheets are one example in this regard. Different legislation on value-added tax and its control in each European country is another one. Only companies that cut off antiquated traditions and develop skills to manage permanent change will win this competition. Staff education will be a big challenge as well as interfaces between business partners in order to benefit from new opportunities. There will be winners and losers, but what chemical distribution is all about will not change. How we manage our work will be different and will require new skills.”



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